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    Price PCO car hire

    Uber, Bolt, Ola and many other PHV companies are getting more and more noticed and hiring more people as a PCO driver. This means there is a big need of drivers in this role and many job positions are available. So, if you are planning to increase your earnings or you recently quitted your job and are looking for a new one, think about becoming a PCO driver.

    In order to become a PCO driver you will need to have a PCO license and a PCO car. The PCO cars can be either rentals or your own cars which meet the requirements of TfL. In this article we are going to discuss the TfL requirements, price on PCO car hire and give you a little more information about PCO car hire. So, don’t miss reading it.

    In this article you are going to read about the items below

    • How can I be a PCO driver?
    • Top 10 PCO cars in London
    • What are TfL requirements for PCO cars?
    • How much does it cost to be a PCO driver?
    • Rental fees of PCO car hire
    • Conclusion

    How can I be a PCO driver?

    A PCO driver needs to have the qualification in driving skills which are examined through the PCO license. The PCO license will test your map reading and language skills as well. Other conditions are being older than 21, eligibility to work in the UK and having a PCO car. Then you can apply for PHV (private hire vehicle) operators such as Uber, Ola, Bolt, etc. and fill the required forms. As soon as they approve your documents, you are ready to work as a PCO driver. That’s all.

    Top 10 PCO cars in London

    The following list is the mostly hired PCO cars by PCO drivers in London. (There is no special priority)

    1. Toyota Prius plus (hybrid)
    2. Toyota Prius (hybrid)
    3. Toyota Prius (plug-in)
    4. Toyota corolla (hybrid)
    5. Toyota Auris Touring
    6. Mercedes Benz (E-class)
    7. Kia Niro
    8. Nissan leaf
    9. Vauxhall Zafira
    10. Volkswagen

    What are TfL requirements for PCO cars?

    As it was mentioned, a PCO car must meet the requirements of TfL (transport for London). We provide these requirements in brief to make it easier for you to choose the best PCO car that fits you.

    1. The cars released in the past 5 years or newer models are accepted without any special requirements.
    2. If the car is 10 years or older at license time, it should be tested to see if the efficiency is accepted.
    3. The accepted PCO cars by TfL have at least 4 seats for passengers.

    How much does it cost to be a PCO driver?

    There are two big expenses to become a PCO driver. One of them is the price of PCO car hire and the other is getting e PCO license.

    Estimations show that getting a PCO license can cost you to between £400.00 to £700.00 based on the documents you have. Lack of documents leads you to a higher price as you need to collect the certificates and pass the exams.

    Price of PCO car also depends on many different factors including the model, facilities and the brand. The price of a PCO car can vary from £100.00 per week for more economic plans and goes to over £400.00 per week for more luxury vehicles. You can read more details in the next paragraph on the prices and weekly fees. Note that most of the PCO car hire companies ask for a deposit which is about £500.00. This price can go over or be reduced for different companies or it can be totally omitted and a weekly installment replaced.

    Rental fees of PCO car hire

    To provide a more exact price of PCO car hire, let’s go through a PCO hire company such as G & M Direct Hire.

    • MVP vehicles such as Volkswagen Sharan are usually provided with lower prices while they have more passenger seats. You can rent these vehicles for £150.00. (other companies might offer different prices but the average rate is £150.00 per week.)
    • Hybrid vehicles such as Toyota Corolla hybrid are for a £150.00 weekly rental fee either.
    • Plug-in cars such as Toyota Prius are usually offered for a rate of £200.00 as it has a more powerful battery.
    • Full electric vehicles, as they are more environment friendly, require a higher rate which is on average of £220.00. (for example Kia Niro or Nissan leaf).
    • If you are looking for a classier car, you have to pay more too. A luxury vehicle such as Mercedes Benz (E-class) may cost you over £250.00 per week.

    The point is that, the more you spend on the PCO cars, the better car you can hire and the better car you hire, the more tips you can receive which can directly affect your weekly earning.


    PHV operators are increasing their companies by creating more job opportunities as the demand is getting more. Hiring a PCO car is a suitable choice to join these operators but some people are quite cautious about the prices. So that being aware of the recent prices can be helpful to choose a good PCO car. Through this article, average prices of different PCO cars were mentioned (which can be higher or lower in different PCO car rental companies). We hope that you choose your desired car better after reading this article.

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